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My husband and I were celebrating his 50th birthday during our weekend in Portsmouth NH. Although it rained the entire weekend, Dave made the trip completely worth it. Dave's historical knowledge of the area is outstanding. I strongly recommend his tour, there is so much there to see that you would otherwise not know existed. Lisa, New Jersey

Thank you for such a wonderful and informative tour. I have lived in Portsmouth for many years but learned about homes and history of the area I never knew. …I enjoyed the afternoon tremendously. I am now looking forward to taking the Scenic Coastal tour you offer as well. Thanks again for a wonderful day!  
Judy B., Portsmouth NH

The tour yesterday was absolutely fantastic!!  I've lived in Portsmouth over 40 years & have never seen some of the places you took us to!! You definitely do your research – the constant narrative was extremely informative & entertaining! Thanks for a really great afternoon. 
Sue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I thoroughly enjoyed your Seacoast tour especially the little known stories you told that brought the history of the sites to life. The stories allowed me to imagine the life and times of the occupants of each sites. The creative and colorful attention to detail was recognized and appreciated. Please keep me on you guest list as I look forward to joining you on your other Seacoast tours. 
Adeline, New Hampshire

We truly enjoyed the tour. It was very interesting and informative.  It was nice to leave the driving to someone else. We will share our experience. Thanks again. 
Todd & Jan Wickman

After living here for years, I have never gotten a so well and concise tour of Portsmouth… It was well worth the time and you were extremely informative. Linda E.,
Portsmouth, NH

The tour was a great birthday gift for my mother. It was very much enjoyed by all!! I would recommend your tours to others as it was a great way to see some wonderful sites and gather great historical information. We loved it.
Debbie Horton, New Hampshire.

What a great day we had with you. Thank you so much!!! I will recommend you to any and everyone that goes well as to those that we meet along the way.
Sandy Shae

Thanks for your thoughtfulness--and thanks for making our tour so interesting--bringing history to life, one might say!
Al and Elaine Sanborn,  South Grafton, MA

We enjoyed the “Signature Heritage Tour”. The three hour tour was so informative. Thank You. 
Rich and Linda K.,
New Hampshire

I highly recommend the Portsmouth Heritage Tour. The sights are well worth seeing and the guide is very well informed. 
Larry O'Neill,  Randolph, New Jersey

I grew up in Pelham (NH) and came with my family to the New Hampshire beaches through my teens.  We mainly came to Rye, for day trips or two week cottage rentals, but never saw anything but the beach.  I was amazed and delighted with Dave Maloney's Signature Heritage Tour of Portsmouth and the Scenic NH Coastal Tour.  Who knew that Portsmouth and vicinity had such a long and rich history!

On the Heritage Tour, my friend and I rode comfortably through the streets of Portsmouth and New Castle in Dave's comfortable van, while he unfolded clearly and concisely the amazing story of a city I only knew as the home of a Naval Shipyard!  It is way, way more.

The next day, we drove down the coast road enjoying familiar views, but now I learned of the famous people who lived in the wonderful homes and mansions that we passed.  Dave then turned off the beaten path, and found a whole other world of homes and chapels, that I never knew existed!

I loved every minute of both tours, but how would I remember everything?  Upon returning home, I found an email with a list of everything we had seen on the two tours, with a brief descriptions of each, and a link for delving deeper, at my leisure.  What a great idea?  I highly recommend both of Dave's tours.  
Rita Rice

The tour was excellent.  You gave us lots of good information, answered our questions and picked us up at our bed and breakfast.  You recommended excellent restaurants, suggested places to go after the tour.  The van was comfortable with good acoustics.  The price was right!  Thank you so much.  It could not have been better. 
Martha Ebel

It was a well paced, informative tour with lots of additional information in the form of vignettes and visual references that brought it all alive.  Best way to get an overview of the town and its history that we would have missed if we had launched out on own own.  
Arian Fitts-Napier

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I can't put in words how much we enjoyed you tour. Dave was personable, efficient, knowledgeable, and cared about our interests. We experienced places we would not have seen without your tour. I will and would recommend your tours to everyone, without any hesitation. Thank you again for the experience!!! Barbara & Rich Frantz

"What a wonderful tour of Portsmouth and the Seacoast we enjoyed with Dave.  In our entire 2 week vacation of Maine and NH, this was the best money I spent!  Such attention to detail and insight into the history of the area!  Dave is a true gentleman and I would encourage those thinking of taking one of his tours to do so!  5 Stars!!!"
Sam Rhoades

“We were in Portsmouth for only 3 days and were trying to figure out a way to see the best sites in a short time when our hotel concierge suggested Seacoast New Hampshire Heritage Tours. Are we glad we did! We got to see so many historic sites and learned so many back stories on the historic and present-day Portsmouth that we can’t say enough about the value of a tour with Dave Maloney.

Even if you have plenty of time in Portsmouth, this tour is worth it. I suspect many residents don’t know as much about the history of their inviting city as Dave Maloney does.

We recommend this tour and want to point out that Dave is willing to adjust the tour to your interests and even any physical disabilities. It was worth every minute and every penny we paid, although I have to say the tour price was reasonable in our estimation.

Dave’s van was comfortable and easy to get in and out of. And I have to say, we have taken private tours in many of our travels and some of them had us concerned as the driver pointed out the high spots while driving busy streets.  But Dave maneuvered through the Portsmouth streets with ease and courtesy, still managing to point out spots of interest to us. It was a very relaxing experience.
Gail & Jim Guterl, Pennsylvania

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Portsmouth.  Your knowledge and appreciation of the history of Portsmouth made the trip so much more interesting.  We could see through your explanations, along with your album of pictures a greater aspect of the area, much more than the "usual" city tour.  Your enthusiasm was contagious!

Riding in the minivan made it more personal and comfortable.  You made sure we were all comfortable.  Picking us up at our hotel was very helpful.  

I would recommend your tours to any in the future.  Thanks for making our trip memorable.
Marlaine Monter

We love history and Dave's tour gave us the great  opportunity to learn about all the history of Portsmouth.  Dave was a wonderful tour guide: he had a vast knowledge of all the history including having pictures available to see the way buildings had looked in the past.  
Cindy Lewis & Stan Reilly, Houston, TX

Your tour was in one word, "Fabulous".  You obviously did your research!  We were comfortable in the validity of the facts you presented-in clear, understandable and interesting format.  You were above and beyond considerate of my slight disability in getting in and out of the van.  

You gave us a wonderful and new prospective of Portsmouth and the neighboring area.  I would recommend this tour especially to discerning adults with a multifaceted interest in the area they are visiting!  Thank you for a wonderful job-a superb tour! 
Mrs. Nelson Rivera

Thank you so much. We have already visited a few of the sites you sent to us.  Thanks again for the great tour.  We also left our message for Jane at Best Western as to how pleased we were with your "special stories" during the tour.  They made things come to life.  We will recommend you if any of our friends visit your area.  
Roger and Corky Maus

Bob and I are grateful for the experience of touring with you.  You shared a wealth of information with us, while making our tour of Portsmouth very enjoyable.  It was like touring with a family member.  The photos you took of us are great and your suggestions of places to eat and what to investigate further were right on the mark.  We were only able to spend a short time in Portsmouth, but feel that you helped us make the most of the time we had.  Thank you again.  
Caryl and Bob Buehler

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